now selling phase 2 & 4

Hartland House Pricing

Hartland Lifestyle Estate is situated in the heart of the Garden Route in Hartenbos on 375 hectares of beautiful coastal land and will house over 2000 homes. Situated near good schools, an excellent private hospital and George Airport, this community offers the perfect home location.

Built with an ageless architectural design, the “Karoo to Coast” theme complements a culture rich in history. Offering an array of plan types, there is a style to suit any choice or need. 

The Hartland lifestyle is about high quality and low consumption. The buildings are all finished to eco-efficient standards. Solar geysers are our standard, harnessing the power of the sun to reduce monthly costs and our carbon footprint. Our commitment involves more than just solar and includes LED lights and gas hobs as standard material to finish your eco-friendly home.

Today’s reliance on the internet for convenience and efficiency calls for the need of smart homes driven by a steady internet connection. If technology is essential to your lifestyle, we have you covered. You have the opportunity to capitalise on our fibre ready homes, as this allows you to focus on your career without sacrificing the enjoyment of the estate activities with family and loved ones.

The below pricing is based on phase 2 & 4 Excluding land.

Plan Type 1

R2 850 000

Plan Type 2

R2 395 000

Plan Type 3

R2 450 000

Plan Type 4

R2 210 000

Plan Type 5

R2 650 000

Plan Type 6

R2 310 000

Plan Type 7

R2 190 000

Plan Type 8

R2 150 000

Plan Type 9

R1 570 000

Plan Type 10

R1 690 000

Plan Type 11

R1 770 000

Plan Type 12

R1 850 000

Double Volume
Type - A

R2 660 000

Double Volume
Type - B

R2 210 000

**Please note that prices as listed may at any time be changed by the developer in its sole and absolute discretion.