Hartland Retirement Estate has been carefully integrated into the larger Hartland Lifestyle Estate which provides numerous benefits for residents over other stand-alone retirement villages. The design allows for seamless integration between the retirement village and the residential estate, operating costs are contained via economies of scale and residents will enjoy the benefit of a double security envelope. 

Hartland Retirement Estate is designed to promote an active outdoor lifestyle with a focus on enjoyment and hospitality. At the same time discreet healthcare is available for residents when they need it. Built on prime land in the greater estate, homes and apartments are designed around a green belt with beautiful gardens, ponds and walkways. The village is also located next to the greater estate’s recreation park where residents can enjoy nature and walk the dogs.

Unit Types & Layouts


The village offers an excellent mix of free standing houses and apartments with prices to suit everyone. The homes and apartments are sold on a sectional title basis and levies will be affordable due to the scale of the village, with up to 500 units on completion. The architectural design is in line with the greater estate.

Communal facilities

On completion the stunning leisure centre will include a restaurant, lounging deck overlooking the greenbelt, TV lounge, library, games room, beauty salon and gym. There will also be a wellness centre and a memory care centre, one of the first of its kind in South Africa. These facilities will promote a sense of community in the village.


Your safety and security is our first priority. The retirement village lies within the security blanket of the greater estate. Notwithstanding this the village will have its own perimeter security with electric fencing and CCTV cameras. A manned guardhouse will manage the only entrance and exit to the estate and this will be backed up by armed response. 


Our desire for every resident is quality of life. Whatever your age or heath status, the right advice and care will bring improvement, even to those suffering from chronic illness. Hartland believes that care in the home is the way of the future and our care offering is built around this philosophy. Our services stand on three legs;

1. Medical emergency

Every home and apartment will be equipped with a medical emergency device providing access to a 24/7 call centre, ready to dispatch an ambulance and paramedic immediately. This device is also capable of providing remote medical services in the future. At Hartland you are never alone, qualified help is just a push of a button away.

2. Wellness Centre

Our well equipped Wellness Centre is the heart of our healthcare offering and will provide the following services on request:

  • Primary healthcare delivered at the medical centre during normal business hours.

  • Annual health checks by appointment.

  • Maintaining resident’s health records.

  • Promoting preventative care solutions within the village.

  • Assisting residents to manage chronic conditions.

The Wellness Centre is also the springboard to deliver home-based care which includes everything from wound dressing to recuperative, frail and palliative care. Services are provided at market related prices.

3. Memory Care Centre

Hartland Retirement Estate will be one of the few estates in South Africa to offer a memory care . This is the modern approach to caring for those who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Prevalence of Dementia is increasing steeply worldwide and while frail care can usually be provided in the home, Dementia often cannot. Hartland’s specialist memory care facility will be delivered in phase 3 of the development and will bring relief to many families in the retirement village and in the greater estate.


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